Bio (U.S)

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“Her performances convey a natural charm and rich Brazilian upbringing”


Global Music Award winning singer-songwriter Anna Beatriz came to the United States from Santos, Brazil with a long list of accomplishments and an even longer list of dreams. Currently she sets up shop in Hollywood, CA where she completed her Associate of Arts degree in Musicians Institute Vocal Program and won the Outstanding Student Award. Anna debuted her EP, Beautiful Ride in 2013 with songs filled with soaring chord melodies that combine jazz and pop with ease. The stand out singles included “Beautiful Ride”, “Falling Love”, and “Another World” and caught the attention of radio stations such as KPFK (Los Angeles), KEBN, One Globe radio, and Smooth Jazz Now. Dan Kimpel of Song Biz and Music Connection Magazine boasted that the EP “underscores an intoxicating suite of songs with a sophisticated musicality and an effervescent warmth.” Her latest work was shown at the movie theaters around the world with the songs “Ginga” & “The Little Rascal” featured in the film "Pele: The Birth of a Legend" (Imagine Entertainment) where she had the opportunity to collaborate with Grammy Award Winning producer/singer-songwriter A.R. Rahman (“Slumdog Millionaire”). “Ginga” became eligible to the Oscars 2016 encouraging her to create more music for Film, TV and Theater.

Her performances convey a natural charm and rich Brazilian upbringing. Anna flourished in the arts while growing up where she began playing the piano at eight years old and quickly fell into the study of theater and dance. Her teenage years were spent teaching piano, playing for church, writing jingles and discovering her own voice as an artist while traveling with her band. What seemed like a hectic teenage schedule at the time was ultimately the foundation of a gypsy lifestyle on the road with her music. 

Currently, Anna has been working on 2 projects: an Instrumental EP and a New Album full of new musical partners. Behind the writing and recording is Dale Becker, producing the tracks and bringing a fresh vision on Brazilian Music & Dennis Lamar serving as the coach behind the voice. Get ready to hear some new music soon with surprise guests. If you would like to be in the know connect with Anna on Instagram and Facebook.