New Dreams in 2018

Hi Guys! I know it's been a while since I've written in here. I am sorry. 2017 was a very challenging year for me and my family. We had a very serious health situation happened so I had to take some time off to take care of some things. But by God's grace all is well now and I am back! 

2018 started great! I had the opportunity to perform with the one and only AR RAHMAN this week in Vegas. I have such a respect for AR Sir; how he presents his craft and how caring he is with the whole team. It was really a blessing to participate as a guest singer. We did the famous Jai-ho and we also performed "Ginga" for the first time live! Wow! What a dream! Sing the song we co-wrote together for the film "Pelé: the birth of a legend" for a crowd. It was incredible! I also met some pretty amazing musicians. It was  definitely a remarkable moment.  

Music is something special. It can connect people from different cultures, backgrounds and make them be one. For that moment, we are all one! I love that feeling. 

I hope you have a great 2018! Thank you for your support and for believing in my music. This year a few new projects are going to be happening. Can't wait to share it all with you! 

Happy 2018!

P.s: New hair for a New Year! Cheers ;)


Interview with Erik Marmo Globo International - Brazil/LA

Hey guys! 

I had the honor of being interviewed by Erik Marmo (Planeta Brasil TV Show) - #Globo and here is the link where you can check it out my musical journey that started in Brazil years ago! The interview is in Portuguese and it doesn't have subtitles (sorry!). Maybe it will be a good excuse to learn some Portuguese? :D

Interview link: Planeta Brasil

Hope you enjoy it! 

Have a wonderful day!!!! 


"Pelé: the birth of a legend" soundtrack is almost here!

Super excited to announce that the soundtrack for "Pelé: the birth of a legend" is going to be ou on June 24th by Sony Classical (Sony Music).

Can't wait!!! Thank you for everything that's been supporting this amazing movie! 

Have a wonderful and blessed day ;)


Hello there! 

I am so excited to share the Official music video for the song "GINGA" with all of you! This is a collaboration with the one and only A.R. Rahman. This experience has been amazing. Not only did I have the honor to work with A.R. (who's so talented and has such an incredible heart) but I had the privilege to represent my country, Brazil, my culture, and one of the biggest soccer players of all times, Pelé.

Often people ask me what the word "Ginga" means. It's actually hard to explain all that this word means to Brazilians. On the soccer side it means "to dance, to swing" with the ball and that's when the "the beautiful game" starts, it's the unexpected dribble that happens against the opposing team in order to get rid of the their defense. The whole "ginga" meaning comes from our ancestors. "Ginga" is the technique used to play "Capoeira" (a Brazilian martial art originating in Angola)  that means "to swing". So, putting all this information together, we say we have the "ginga" style because we are flexible and full of soul as a Nation. It's the balance between "working hard" and "enjoying the little moments". That is what keeps us alive to a life full of Ginga. 

I hope you like the video and the song! #GingaSong #herewego


When in a Korean magazine...

Hey Guys! I am super excited to share this with you! I am on Korean #Artravel Magazine of May. I had the opportunity to collaborate musically with the writer of the article when he lived in Los Angeles. Jihoon is not only a great writer but he is also a singer-songwriter and has a beautiful work himself where he combines travel and music. I will have the english translation soon and I will be sharing this story with you all! 

This month has been so incredible! More news to share soon!

Thank you for all your support! 

Anna ;)

The Brazil you never heard


So this past Sunday May 8th 2016, Mother's day, we had a great time at "Blue Whale" Jazz Club in Downtown, Los Angeles. Lots of music, rhythm and fun! And this band....!?! Oh my! They are such amazing musicians!!! I feel so blessed and honored to share the stage with them. On guitar Marcel Camargo (who also took care of most of the arrangements) - André de Santanna on bass - Léo Costa on drums - Katisse Buckingham on flute & John Tegmeyer on clarinet. It was an incredible 2 sets on "Music & Soccer" - we played several Brazilian tunes related to soccer games and some tunes that Pelé himself wrote. We also explored some of my original music and Marcel's originals as well. If you were there - THANK YOU for supporting the show! If you were not there - hope to see you next time ;)

Have a wonderful week! 


Tribeca Festival - Premiere "Pelé: the birth of a legend"

This past weekend was an amazing and beautiful experience. A.R. Rahman team (who work on the soundtrack of the movie) went to Tribeca Filme Festival to support the Premiere of "Pelé: the birth of a legend". I can't wait for all of you to watch the movie in the Theaters - the USA release date is now May 13th. I feel honored to be part of this project for many many reasons! Thank you for everyone who was involved in this filme and made it possible to show the World our passion for futebol and our "Ginga". Pelé: You are one of a kind! Jeff & Michael - congrats for such a beautiful film! A.R. Rahman - thank you for everything! 


Picture: Jeff Zimbalist (director), Kevin Duocette (soundtrack team), Michael Zimbalist (director), Anna Beatriz (singer-songwriter), Adi Rao (singer)

Pelé: the birth of a Legend is here!

Good Morning to you! 

I'm very excited to share with you that Pelé: the birth of a legend" is opening in the theaters on May 6th 2016. I feel very blessed with the opportunity to be part of this project. Working with the amazing producer, singer-songwriter, Academy & Grammy award AR RAHMAN was an amazing experience! Also, I couldn't be more excited to be part of a movie that talks about one of the greatest futebol players of all times, Pelé; and the interesting fact about this is that Pelé played a huge part on my hometown futebol's team SANTOS. 

I am excited about all that's to come this year! I'm thankful for AR RAHMAN and all the crew that worked on the soundtrack of this movie. I'm also thankful for Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (the directors). Thank God for this amazing opportunity and for orchestrating everything perfectly and on your timing. 

Here is the link of the trailer! See you in the theaters on May 6th!

Thanks for stopping by ;)

Have a wonderful week! 

Anna Beatriz




Welcome 2016!

Hey guys! 

Welcome to my New Website! I hope you are enjoying the new colors and pictures! 

I love New Years because it's full of new beginnings. I am so excited to share all the events that are going to happen in this year. I feel refreshed and ready for all that's ahead. Stay connect through all my Social Media to be the first to know what's new with my music. Thank you so much for being part of this journey with me. Let's do this together! 

I wish you a wonderful 2016!

Many Blessings,

Anna Beatriz