Hello there! 

I am so excited to share the Official music video for the song "GINGA" with all of you! This is a collaboration with the one and only A.R. Rahman. This experience has been amazing. Not only did I have the honor to work with A.R. (who's so talented and has such an incredible heart) but I had the privilege to represent my country, Brazil, my culture, and one of the biggest soccer players of all times, Pelé.

Often people ask me what the word "Ginga" means. It's actually hard to explain all that this word means to Brazilians. On the soccer side it means "to dance, to swing" with the ball and that's when the "the beautiful game" starts, it's the unexpected dribble that happens against the opposing team in order to get rid of the their defense. The whole "ginga" meaning comes from our ancestors. "Ginga" is the technique used to play "Capoeira" (a Brazilian martial art originating in Angola)  that means "to swing". So, putting all this information together, we say we have the "ginga" style because we are flexible and full of soul as a Nation. It's the balance between "working hard" and "enjoying the little moments". That is what keeps us alive to a life full of Ginga. 

I hope you like the video and the song! #GingaSong #herewego